Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Uretiti & Bayly's Beach - New Zealand

Not being able to do the entire drive to the Bay of Islands in the one day we stopped at the comically named Uretiti (pronounced You’re a Titty) DOC site just south of Waipu (pronounced Why Poo?) obviously stopping at the smoke house again on the way.  The Lonely Planet highly recommended this site which turned out to be pretty good in terms of facilities but we were definitely spoiled at Port Jackson as far as scenery is concerned.  Even so we had a nice walk along the beach the next day but there wasn’t much to do other than beach driving which we weren’t sure was covered in our rental agreement

A big but plain beach at Uretiti

We really wanted to hang out somewhere nice or do this elusive fishing trip, but again the conditions weren’t favourable.  We had a place on the West coast recommended to us which was aptly named ‘Bayly’s beach’ so on the 19th of May we pulled up to a small campsite where we enjoyed chatting to holidaying or retired locals who were enjoying their own country, including a couple of characters who had drunk a few too many and were blurting out country music.  We enjoyed another beach walk the next day.  Distinguishing features of Bayly’s Beach are the cool trees that looked like charcoal making up the sand bank and the multiple ripples of waves crashing simultaneously.

A powered site occupied by a cat at Bayly's Beach

Enjoying the windswept sands in my namesake beach

Stopping for a photo on the way back as the clouds came

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