Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puerto Varas - Chile

On the 26th May we arrived in Puerto Varas at 9am.  Having grabbed a lift into town with a local we found an old German style guesthouse which was a large and creaky, wooden affair which when I signed in I noticed that we were the only guests it had received in a week.  It was the off season here which was evident with the lack of people around and the cooler temperature, but I would still take it over fighting amongst crowds in the high season as it enables us to haggle and not worry about booking ahead.  What’s more, the vast majority of businesses are still open and really wanted our business.   We were tired so weren’t keen to do too much so we took a walk around the town which had absolutely amazing views of the Llanquihue Lake and perfect peak of the Osorno Volcano behind it.  There was a girl line-fishing on the edge of the peer who had managed to catch some salmon!  The town was full of friendly but ownerless dogs which liked to follow you round especially if you had food to offer.  As our guesthouse had a kitchen we opted to get food from the supermarket so we grabbed some steak along with some dog biscuits for our furry friends and went back to the guesthouse. 

LLanquihue Lake and Osorno Volcano

Saying hello to a furry friend

Some birdlife at the lake

The next day was cloudy so we passed on visiting the volcano and instead had a nice walk exploring the town and making friends with dogs along the way.  Before the rain came down we managed to take a walk up to the church with its ruby red spires towering over the top of the surrounding buildings.  Other than this we did some homework on where we would head to next in Chile, coming up with the decision that rural Patagonia would be too cold although we both wanted to experience life a little further south.  We settled upon Chiloé which is a large island of 3241 square miles a little further south on the West Coast of South America.  We purchased our tickets to the capital called Castro which would be a four hour drive in total, not too bad.  We bought some dinner and headed home, it was also important that we bought the 9:15am tickets as we (I) didn’t want to miss the Champions league final which would be kicking off at 2:45 local time!

The volcano at night

The town church

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