Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Inoculations - just a little prick in the wallet

If I wanted to get stabbed and pay for the privilege, I could quite easily get a flight to London from Jersey and take a trip to somewhere in the east end, like Hackney... I don't know London. This would probably cost me around £50, instead I went to the GP for a range of complex injections (2 in each arm) and I'm £114.70 lighter because of it. I moan but this one is surely a no-brainer. I am also somewhat reassured by Kate's bill being very similar to mine as I did absolutely no shopping around.

2011 Vaccine prices
Avaxim/Havis (Hep A) £22.00
Revaxis (Tetanus) £8.50
Typhoid £12.50
Yellow Fever £35.50
Consultation fee £36.20

These were done on October the 4th as many GPs recommend you get these done at least 6 weeks prior to arriving in a risk area. In addition a decision was required on which Malaria tablets to take; the options being the expensive, more convenient ones (around £120) or the cheap ones that need to be taken for a longer period (£27.16) and I opted for the latter. I subsequently discovered that Kate got hers for free so not sure what happened there, swindled already!

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